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Inside Design with Kandrac & Kole is a lively conversation about the latest trends, travels to industry events, current design projects, do’s and don’ts, product recommendations and more. Hosted by Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole, two nationally published Atlanta Interior Designers with a wealth of information to share and stories to tell about the interior design world. Just a warning - this is going to be fun and not too serious! After all, they do still have an interior design business running at full speed. 

Nov 27, 2019

We weren’t able to make it to the October High Point Furniture Market show because we had just returned from our adventures at the Roundtop Antiques Fair and had to get down to business.  Good thing we have lots of talented and knowledgeable designer buddies who would fill us in on the latest and greatest trends. We asked them to call in and give us their top finds so that we could share them with you.

You probably all know this but in case you are new to the design world, here’s the scoop of what the High Point Furniture Market is. The High Point Market held in High Point, North Carolina, is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, with over 10 million square feet and roughly 2000 exhibitors throughout about 180 buildings.  It is put on semi-annually and it’s a must destination to be “in the know”.

A. Lisa Peck, Lilu Interiors, Minneapolis, MN -
i. Color lovers
ii. Organic in modern forms
iii. Seventies influence

B. Michele Plachter, Michele Plachter Design, Philadelphia, PA -
i. Curves
ii. Color
iii. Competitive Pricing

C. Leslie Carothers – the Kaleidoscope Project and Savour Partnership, Houston, TX
i. Pop and Slogan Art
ii. Color
iii. Curves
iv. Textures – nubbly

D. Patti Johnson – Patti Johnson Interiors, Lebanon, OH -
i. Moving away from grey – lighter and fresher
ii. Use of white upholstery
iii. Use of blue – away from navy and towards royal, teal and baby blue
iv. Return of glam – away from industrial and rustic and more high end looks
v. Marriage of stone with case goods – natural and man-made being mixed

E. Ginger Hartford, Eurdesign Studio , Dallas -
i. Artful living
ii. Wall Art trends  - modern, nature and fresh
iii. Form Design

F. Deborah von Donop – DVD Interior Design, Greenwich, CT -
i. Color and washed whites
ii. Light and calming pinks
iii. Nature inspired

G. Kara Cox – Kara Cox Interiors, Charlotte, NC -
i. Gesso finish – chalky white
ii. Deep blush like merlot
iii. Furniture as art – curved backs, open arms, multiple materials

H. Cynthia Porche – Cynthia Porche Interiors, Atlanta, GA -
i. Curated elements in design – color pops in velvet and linen
ii.Mixing modern with organic – metals with wovens
iii. Soft nod to traditional in a transitional way