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Inside Design with Kandrac & Kole is a lively conversation about the latest trends, travels to industry events, current design projects, do’s and don’ts, product recommendations and more. Hosted by Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole, two nationally published Atlanta Interior Designers with a wealth of information to share and stories to tell about the interior design world. Just a warning - this is going to be fun and not too serious! After all, they do still have an interior design business running at full speed. 

Mar 11, 2022

We recently traveled to Orlando, FL to attend the National Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.  We’re so excited to talk about KBIS which is North America’s largest trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design. Trends are established here, products are launched, and there are endless amounts of inspiration within the design community. Joann is on vacation this week, so I am thrilled to have our very first co-host, Jessica Duce. Jessica is the founder of J. Duce Designs and Vacation Rental Designers ( in Spring, TX. Tune in to hear more insights from Jessica and myself on this episode of Inside Design.

In this episode:

  • [03:30] Global trends and technology as a major player in design
  • [09:00] Nature inspired materials
  • [14:00] Covid and its influence on functional designs
  • [20:30] The American Home Tour Experience

Key Takeaways:

  • The latest trends in kitchen and bath design for KBIS 2022 include dark wood finishes, natural materials, and mixed metals
  • Many contemporary kitchen and bath designs are focused on sustainability, with features such as water-conserving appliances
  • Technology is a hot topic in kitchen and bath remodeling, with touchless and voice-activated controls being one of the most popular
  • More experimental designs are being used in home designs, with unique shapes, integrated lighting, and color combinations

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